• Image of Wax Brittle

Guava Pop- guava fizzy pop

Get Baked- buttery, doughy, fresh baked bread, fresh baked cookies

Bittersweet- palo santo, sticky sweet marshmallow, cotton candy & fresh raspberries

All Growed Up- lemon ice box cookies + sugar milk and Fruit Loops

Chunky Monkey: sweet milk chocolate, hints of butter, creamy vanilla with a hint of cotton candy & nuts

Baby Shower- birthday cake + baby’s arms

Go the Heck to Sleep- pink sugar lavender peppermint

Hollywood Blvd- pink sugar + Baja Cactus Blossom (fresh flowers and light coconut wrapped in green cactus blossom)

Afterglow- mango, papaya and coconut with velvety vanilla and slushy sweetness

Blueberry Clouds- fresh sweet blueberries + Boardwalk marshmallow clouds

Lil Bo Peep- Fruit Loops + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)

Sunflower & Lace- ocean floral + Vanilla Lace (vanilla, amber, orchid blossoms (inspired by Victoria’s Secret))

Native Agave- lime, cardamom, blue agave flower, and vetiver + sea salt, orchid, and a hint of cinnamon

Lady Antoinette- coconut milk, vanilla, musk, sugarcane (inspired by TOKYOMILK)

Coney Island Donuts- Sugar glazed donuts + Coney Island (Captain Crunch + sugared waffle cone)

Olive Balm- lemon, orange, lime, and musk (inspired by Lush--Olive Branch)

Bad Gal Kiki- honeydew melon + Lovespell (fruity cherry blossom and peach)

Candy Fairy- a blend of bubblegum, cotton candy, sweet apples and pears (inspired by Lush--Snow Fairy)

Moroccan Mint Tea- spearmint, peppermint, and a dash of black tea

Meloncholy- tangy, fruity melon

Sun's Out Guns Out- Candy Panda suntan lotion house blend

Pippi Longstocking- Cucumber, exotic fruits, melon, and sea salt + lavender vanilla, musk, amber, and sandalwood.

Alice in Wonderland- Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea) + blueberry cake donut

Lemony Snicket- lemon curd + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)

Messy Buns- decadent cinnamon rolls, sweet icing, and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)

Frosty- minty & woody, sandalwood, musk & amber, peppermint & marshmallow

Wonderful Christmastime- peppermint + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)

Skinny Dippin'- Twilight & wintergreen

Fantasia- sweet vanilla peppermint + lightly powdery bergamot, ylang ylang, sweet lavender vanilla, musky amber & sandalwood

Holiday Cheer- raspberries, vanilla chestnut, fresh cakes and pine cinnamon, orange zest & eggnog

Forest Babies- magical woodland scent of mulberry, cranberry, winter greens with blue spruce & spice, toasted marshmallow & french vanilla and musk

Holiday Yog Nog- caramel, ylang ylang, and sweet vanilla musk

The Naughty List- blue sugar, vanilla lace and peppermint candy cane

Cousin Eddie’s Eggnog- warm eggnog and marshmallows

Unstoppable– Just like Downy Unstoppable

Fruit Loops- sweet orange, tangy cherry and sweet vanilla bean. Smells just like the cereal

Persian Cucumber & Grapefruit- exotic blend of crips cucumber and tart grapefruit

Kentucky Derby- bourbon, pralines & marshmallow fluff

Beach Please- toasted coconut & marshmallow, campfire smoke, vanilla musk, orchids & vanilla bean noel

Beach Baby- fresh ocean mist + soothing lavender, lilac and mimosa

Pink Lace- (pink sugar + Vanilla Lace (vanilla, amber, orchid blossoms (inspired by Victoria’s Secret))

Velvet Slippies- feminine scent of light powdery floral and velvet musks

Deep Cove- cucumbers, mixed melons and marshmallow

Sunshine Day- white musk, vanilla, ylang ylang + Cucumber Mint

Pamplemousse- Fresh grapefruit & peach, sweet basil, mint & chamomile

Lightnin’ Bug: sweet mandarin & lime, nectarine & honey, water mint & clementine

Baby Cakes {Strawberry Tea & Cakes}- berry + Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea)

Blueberry Flapjacks- Blueberry buttermilk pancakes drenched in maple syrup with chopped pecans