When is your next restock?

Thursday, December 30 at 8 pm EST.

How do I order?
Our restocks open every 4 weeks on Thursday at 8 pm EST. Most inventory sells out immediately, so the shop closes shortly after opening. Follow me on Instagram @candypandawax to see the next restock date. Also join our facebook group for ordering info.

Why does everything say "Coming Soon"?
The website fully uploads a few days before the monthly restock, so until then a couple items stay on the website with "coming soon."

Why are you only open one day a month?
Due to popular demand and the fact we make everything by hand, we open the website once a month, everything sells out within minutes, and we shut the website back down. We are always trying to meet our demand but it is hard as we are constantly growing! We make as much inventory as physically possible every restock, and we scale our business often.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is $11.95 flat rate for every order. 

How long should I let the wax cure?
This is a personal preference many people like to cure their wax 2 weeks, by the time you receive your wax it has already cured a week so you're welcome to cure another week.

What does "curing" wax do?
Curing is a term that means how long you wait until you melt your wax. With soy heavy blends, a longer cure time is recommended. We use a parasoy blend that shortens cure time so you can enjoy your product faster. Curing essentially helps the product "throw" better. A scent throw is a term we use to describe how strong the scent is while it's burning.

How do I change my wax out?
I drop about 4 cotton balls into hot wax and the wax absorbs into the cotton, and then i toss the cotton balls or you can save them for firestarters. Then place your new wax melt in the warming tray.

How often should I change my wax out?
You'll know they are ready to be changed out when the wax loses scent. Most scents last 8-16 hours or more, but as soon as you can no longer smell it, it's ready to be swapped out with a new melt :)

Do you combine shipping?
Yes we combine multiple orders that are under the same name up to 10 orders. After the 10th order, each order is charged the full $11.95. Please place all your orders in the same name, with the same address, and the same spelling and capitalization.

Do you refund shipping?
The only shipping we refund we offer is combined shipping. If you place 3 orders I'll refund the shipping so it will only cost you the same as if all the orders were placed in one order ($11.95).

Do you have cart hold?
No there is not cart hold.

Do you ship outside of USA?
Currently we only ship within the USA.

Is www.mycandypanda.com your company?
Yes Yuli runs our samples are preorders. Same product and company!

Do you do samplers?
Yes Yuli does all our preorders and samplers. Samplers are an AMAZING way to try out a variety of new scents.

Can you combine orders from www.mycandypanda.com and www.thecandypanda.com?
No Yuli and I live 2 hours apart from each other and are unable to combine orders placed on different websites.

Can I make changes to my order or cancel it after it's placed?
No unfortunately the sheer amount of orders we process with fast turn around time means we can't make changes. If your address was typed in wrong you can pay for Intercept Mail through USPS.

What's your TAT (turn around time)?
Our TAT is 7-10 business days, which means we have that many business days to get it to the local post office. Keep in mind this doesn't include weather delays or family emergencies etc. Those who have been shopping with us from the beginning know I am very quick to get these out before I say I will :)

Do you offer refunds?
No we do not accept returns or process refunds for inventory purchased through our website.

I won't be able to order during the restock, can I place a preorder?
We can NOT accept preorders for any reason whatsoever.

Do you need a sponsor?
No we do not need a sponsor.

What happens if my package gets stolen?
After the package is out of our hands we are trusting USPS and the address provided is a secure area safe for delivery. USPS insurance does NOT cover stolen packages that were stolen after delivery. It only covers items that were damaged during shipping.

How long do the body scrubs and body butters last?
They all have a shelf life of 12 months. Please store them in a cool, dry and dark place.

Is your wax made in a pet free home?
No our wax is not, we love animals :)

New policy effective April 1st, 2016: If you inflict stress upon me for no reason of my own, you will be required to send me a bottle of gin and a plate of fine vegan cheese. No exceptions.