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  • Image of Carpet Powders
  • Image of Carpet Powders

about 7oz.

Palo Santo- woody scent of warm spiced clove, lavender, nutmeg, cedarwood, tonka, sandalwood and patchouli)

Moon Child-pear, blueberries, juniper berries, eucalyptus, in a forest of cedar and fir trees 5.5oz

Vanilla Clouds- sweet dreamy vanilla + sun dried cotton sheets

Cotton Candy Birthday Cake- cotton candy + birthday cake

Cucumber Melon Waters- sweet melon + crisp cucumber + bergamot, berries, lavender & lilies, amber & patchouli

Cedar & Gold- vanilla sugar, jasmine, and cedarwood

Young Folks- rose petals and clean sheets + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)