• Image of Body Frostings
  • Image of Body Frostings
  • Image of Body Frostings

About 4 ounces

Sunshine Day- white musk, vanilla, ylang ylang + Cucumber Mint

Something Blue- fresh lemon curd & buttermint candies

Pamplemousse- Fresh grapefruit & peach, sweet basil, mint & chamomile

Blackberry Volcano- blackberry + Volcano (delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes (inspired by Capri Blue scent))

Vanillary- notes of vanilla, tonka bean and jasmine

Instinct- masculine orange & lemon + clove, anise, pepper + amber, vanilla & musk

American Crush- bright cheery citrus, dewy greens

Sugar Crush- marshmallows, cream, cakes, and sweet candy

November Rain- rainy showers, frankincense and lemony citrus, mandarin lime, and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)

Fruit Bats- vanilla bean nectarine, marshmallow, strawberry, peach, raspberry & cotton candy

Cicada Song- green agave flower + pear juice

Genie’s Bottle- Palo Santo + spicy orange, balsam, jasmine & smoked vanilla

September Song- warm honey and tobacco + a touch of citrus and clove

Apple Vanilla Lace- fresh sliced apples with a hint of cinnamon blended with vanilla lace